Atienza y Climent



Modelos Atienza & Climent is a company that specializes in the integral development of products.

Since the company was established in 1997, our clients have always trusted us and this trust continues today. We have a broad and diverse client base covering many different fields but our most important clients are those that are within the medical, publishing and toys fields.

Modelos Atienza & Climent offer global solutions which are aimed at meeting the needs of our clients during different stages of their business.  We develop the products from the ideas that our clients give to us. We also design the items and the moulds together in order to optimize both the quality and the cost-effectiveness. Our company oversees the process from the initial stages right through to the completion stage at which point the final product is manufactured.  

Our company started off as a workshop and today we are a large firm which shows our ongoing improvement and commitment to our client base in terms of innovation and customer satisfaction.  

Given that we take charge of the integral development of products, we are always able to get the product designed properly and accurately in order to minimize the cost of the mould and to ensure that the final product meets our clients’ satisfaction by using the right materials and plastic injection moulding systems.

Short lead times are vital to our company and to our clients.  Our flexibility, along with our technical expertise allows us to undertake and complete projects in record time.

Our company owns facilities of 10000 m2 and we have 15 000 hours per month working capacity. 





QUALITY POLICY OF Modelos Atienza & Climent S.L.U.

The Quality Policy of Modelos Atienza & Climent S.L.U., is specified is this document: we are committed to provide quality which is compatible within our Mission; Vision and Values as an organization, taking into account as our fundamental axis, when we plan our company strategies, business risk factors such as “Costs and deadlines”.

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