Atienza y Climent




Integral development of the product


The product development process involves several steps: first of all is the creation of an idea, which is done by using techniques such as brainstorming, lists creating, and also by drawing up a needs analysis.


In this step we study the target market and we develop marketing details and engineering, such as studying the cost of the product and investigating the leap times so that we can ensure and guarantee product viability.


When a new product is being planned, the key element is to provide added value to the product. In Modelos Atienza y Climent we turn the initial idea that our clients give us into a practical solution for your products by taking advantage of our vast experience and expertise within the field of industrial engineering. From the concept and specification given to us by our clients, we are able to design and manufacture any product.

Physical model

We use powerful CAD programs that allow us to quickly transform ideas into products. We manufacture prototypes in several materials and we analyze them at the mass production stage in order to guarantee the viability and performance of the future product. Using a prototype is an excellent opportunity to share ideas with our customers so that we can improve the design of the item from its initial conception before it goes onto the plastic injection moulding stage.

Plastic injection moulding

We have the most up to date thermoplastics injection moulding machinery, equipped with an automatic feed, and this ensures that it meets the required quality standards.


We are able to deliver our products anywhere in the world.

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