At Atienza & Climent we offer product packaging and packing services. We take care of everything from placing the closures, lids or security plastic on the products to placing them in their specific containers or boxes.  

We pack and package safely and efficiently

Packaging, packing and storage service

In addition, we guarantee stability and safety when packaging all the products together in order to store them efficiently. In this way, we guarantee optimum distribution and distribution. 

This service is part of our comprehensive product development and mass production process. Beyond the design, prototyping and production phase, we offer finishes and additional work to the production chain, such as packing and packaging.  

We have a team of workers specialised in this type of chain work that allows us to prepare all types of packaging and packaging completely customised. Therefore, we adapt the packaging for each case and offer the necessary solutions. From the main wrapping that protects the product or the piece, to the box or pallets used for storage and transport. 

What is industrial packaging?

Packaging is the placement of manufactured and finished products in containers or boxes so that they can be distributed in a safe and secure way. Therefore, packaging is important to take care of the aesthetics and, above all, to attract the attention of the target public.  

Furthermore, beyond aesthetics, packaging must be functional and very practical. It protects the product during transport and storage, and also provides very relevant information such as the product batch number, date of manufacture, expiry date, instructions, recommendations, and so forth. 

packaging de productos
empaquetar productos

How to choose the best product packaging

There are different types of packaging and materials to package a product. This choice depends on the type of product, the shipment, so these types of questions must be defined in the initial phase of the comprehensive product development process. Depending on the presentation, type of transport, necessary protection and the target group, the packaging will be one or the other.  

Packaging is an important part of the manufacturing process, as it protects the product and provides information to the consumer while it is being prepared for distribution and sale. 

We package your ideas