Atienza & Climent, is an expert company in the manufacturing of collectible items, promotional products, modular shelving and many other types of products, we manufacture large quantities using the plastic injection moulding technique. 

This process allows us to build customized prototypes for each client and produce pieces in large runs at a short period of time with the highest quality.

What is plastic injection moulding?

Plastic injection moulding technique is a widely used method of manufacturing plastic pieces quickly and automatically, which allows the use of a large variety of plastic materials and offers different finishings. Although this process began in the 19th century, it is one of the most commonly used today to manufacture articles of all kinds. 

This product creation system is performed using the mould in the injection moulding machine. This machine fills moulds to a previously designed shape with molten plastics. Once the material has been injected, it goes through the cooling process and finally the part with the desired shape is extracted.

At Atienza we bring to fruition all kind of ideas.

We create all kinds of collectible products, articles by fascicles, toys, board games and so on.

Advantages of injection moulding

This production technique allows us to  a multitude of pieces in an relatively inexpensive manner. For this reason, it is one of the mmanufactureost widely used methods for manufacturing all types of products. It offers a large number of advantages.


This process makes mass production possible which means that any negative impact on the pieces is reduced to a minimum.

Low cost

In addition to being one of the most commonly used systems, it is one of the most efficient for manufacturing large volumes of pieces. 

High Quality

Automation and mass production allows many of the same pieces to be made, one after the other. Therefore, it offers greater precision in each part. 


The plastic parts obtained through injection moulding are resistant, extending the useful life of the product. 

Diverse shapes.

Moulds of all shapes and sizes can be made. 


With mass production using injection moulding, high productivity is achieved in the manufacture of large quantities.

Our plastic injection moulding process


 Polymer granules are poured together with the dyes into the hopper. The first step is to introduce the plastic granules into a container, which will gradually fall out.


The granules are melted gradually with heat until a liquid texture is achieved so that they can be injected.


Filling the mould cavity. The liquid is introduced into the mould cavities containing the shapes of the product to be produced.


Cooling of the material in the mould. Once the cavities are filled, they are subjected to a cooling process to make it solidify into the required mould shape. 


Ejection of the part. Once the part is solidified, the injection moulding machine has an automatic process to eject it.

Plastic injection moulding machinery used by us

We use the latest technology plastic injection moulding machines in our company which allow us to produce pieces at high speeds with control and precision. 

It is important to know how these types of plastic injection moulding machines work. This ensures that the material is distributed evenly and the time is controlled efficiently.