We are a company specialised in the comprehensive development product and we offer professional services for the manufacturing of vacuum moulds. We design, develop and manufacture this type of mould completely customised for each client.  

To do so, we use quality materials, the latest technologies, professional finishes and reduced production times. 

Fully custom moulds

Customised vacuum moulds

Thanks to our technical team and our engineering department, we can analyse and study each case and each customer in order to manufacturing customised vacuum moulds. In addition we take into account the technical needs, the aesthetics and the possible future processes the piece to be manufactured with this mould will be subjected to. 

At Atienza & Climent, we not only offer a mould manufacturing service and the manufacturing of parts using plastic injection, zamak injection or injection blow moulding techniques (among others) but also finishing services (decoration, assembly, painting, etc.), storage, packaging and distribution. 

Therefore, our work and service goes beyond the design and development of the mould. Our team is in constant communication with the customer to offer the highest quality. 

Why do we take all this into account? To customise the mould and to achieve the highest quality in each of the manufactured parts. 

qué son moldes al vacío
moldes al vacío

Characteristics of our system for manufacturing vacuum moulds

We have a wide capacity to manufacturing vacuum moulds in an agile, efficient and fast way thanks to the facilities we have for this purpose. This allows us to manufacturing with high quality standards. 

  • Technical assistance. Not only do we manufacture, but we also advise each customer to ensure that the mould manufacturing is optimal and fully adjusted to each part.  
  • Mass production. We develop vacuum moulds to guarantee fast and optimised mass production.  
  • Maximum profitability. This manufacturing process allows parts to be manufactured at low cost. 
  • High precision. We analyse each part of the mould and work with specialised equipment to offer precision in each part.    

When manufacturing a vacuum mould, we use patterns made and designed in 3D printing with specialised CAD and CNC machining equipment. From the pattern, the necessary measurements and characteristics of each mould are analysed.  

Developing this process with the highest precision is very important to guarantee the quality and accuracy of each part. The higher the precision, the lower the correction rate and the faster the manufacturing process will be. 

What is a vacuum mould?

This type of mould allows parts to be manufactured using the vacuum moulding process. In other words, it is a process based on vacuum pressure to create a specific shape with a single layer or surface of plastic.  

The vacuum pressure formed in the mould creates a sheet of plastic in the desired shape. Once the plastic is shaped, it is cooled so the part can be removed. 

Vacuum moulds service

At Atienza & Climent we design and manufacture quality vacuum moulds in a very short time. We support our clients at all times to offer them the best service for their project, using quality materials and the best brands on the market.  Once the relevant tests have been carried out to ensure that the mould developed meets all the requirements of the part, we check with the customer and proceed to manufacturing the mould itself. 

In order to offer a complete service, we also provide mass production, development, assembly, finishing, warehousing and distribution services. Depending on the customer’s needs, the service can be comprehensive or partial. 

Are you looking for a company specialised in manufacturing vacuum moulds? At Atienza & Climent we are at your disposal.