Atienza & Climent is a manufacturer and a distributor of original promotional items of all kinds, especially for publishers, newspapers and companies specialized in selling promotional items.

Some examples of promotional items made by us

Promotional items for companies and publisher

We are specialists in the manufacture and creation of this type of promotional products, which are widely used in the publishing industry and the world of collectibles. 

For this reason, we advise and work together with companies from different sectors to create products that are sold in a promotional way or by fascicles. 

This type of product stands out as a gift item for people who buy magazines, newspapers or publishers. Therefore, at Atienza & Climent we have worked and collaborated with the leading publishers in Spain. 

In fact, we have been involved in the manufacturing of popular collector’s items for many years.

Why manufacture all kinds of promotional items with us?

We have extensive facilities where we offer a wide range of services focused on the complete manufacture of all types of products. In fact, we work from the design and development of products, to the distribution and storage. 

Why manufacture all kinds of promotional items with us?

  • We offer a cost completely free of charge. Please, contact us and tell us about your project. We have over 25 years of experience manufacturing this type of publishing product. 
  • Advice and support. Our team of experts in the development and manufacturing of this type of product advises and supports our customers at all times. 
  • Fast production. Thanks to our high-tech machinery and tools, we can produce and manufacture efficiently and effectibly. 
  • 360º Process. Atienza & Climent is not only a manufacturer of promotional items, but we also advise, design, test, manufacture, improve, optimise, store and distribute all types of promotional products.

Customised production of promotional items

We listen to our customers’ needs in order to manufacture completely customised products.

By carrying out all the steps in our facilities (development, manufacturing, decoration, storage and distribution) we offer a more optimal and efficient service when selling promotional products. 

We provide industrial solutions for manufacturing all types of promotional items for publishers, toy companies, newspapers, etc. 

We are leaders in the market of promotional and publishing products, so we have the know-how necessary to advise and assist any type of customer in the process of creating projects.