Hospital equipment manufacturers

At Atienza & Climent we are also specialized in the manufacturing of hospital equipment and supplies. 

We are in charge of developing and manufacturing hospital supplies that are very functional in the day to day life of the health sector, such as modular shelving.

We develop and manufacture any kind of hospital equipment

We design, develop, manufacture and guarantee the safety of any type of hospital, clinic, pharmaceutical, etc. healthcare object that can be made of plastic, wood or metal.

Our manufacturing process complies with the safety measures and regulations required to produce medical equipment and objects used in the healthcare sector.

We are suppliers of hospital equipment that are manufactured from plastic injection moulding. We manufacture ourselves, so we ensure that we offer quality, safety and products that are truly adapted to the needs of the sector. 

We provide materials and products to guarantee the best healthcare service. Storing medicines, medical supplies, machinery and medical equipment is much easier with our products. 

We are committed to technological innovation and mass production to offer top quality hospital equipment adapted to the needs of the sector. We make our entire manufacturing process based on plastic injection available to clinics, hospitals and companies in charge of supplying this type of hospital equipment. 

This is one of our sectors with many years of experience. For this reason, we can help to offer very specific and highly customized solutions.

Modular shelving

We manufacture and market plastic parts for the medical and pharmaceutical sector. A very clear example is the modular shelving.

This product is very practical in hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies, etc., to organise and store all kinds of medicines and medical products in a well-organised way. 

The modular shelving we manufacture is fully customized. In other words, we have the machinery and facilities available to manufacture them according to the needs of each customer.

Other plastic articles for hospitals, clinics and pharmacies

At Atienza & Climent we listen to the needs of each client in order to offer totally personalized solutions. 

We meet the requirements and expectations of the sector, which is why we manufacture top quality hospital materials that comply with all safety regulations. 

Do you need a specific item or a solution for storing or using hospital equipment? We develop the idea step by step and manufacture it!

Customized hospital equipment

We offer solutions through the manufacturing and development of hospital equipment made of plastic. 

We manufacture parts such as modular shelving for storing medicines and other medical articles, and specific parts for hospital equipment.

We innovate in the manufacture of medical equipment. We strictly comply with safety measures, we manufacture sterilized plastic parts suitable for hospital use. 

Do you need to manufacture a specific product? We listen to your needs and develop the solution to be able to manufacture it.