We are specialised in the comprehensive development of products, and we manufacture all kinds of products in mass production. Above all, we are experts in the toy sector, collectibles and hospital equipment, among others. 

To develop each of our products, we carry out a series of production steps with the sole objective of guaranteeing the effectiveness, usability, efficiency, safety and usefulness of each one of them.  

Therefore, our manufacturing processes are made up of different stages. Depending on the needs of each project, we will use one or other techniques, always assessing the most optimal options in each case. 

One of these processes is the conceptual design. After this, our technical team designs the product, taking into account all the technical characteristics, aesthetics, functionalities and the requirements of the mould and the components themselves. All of this is carefully coordinated with the technical team in order to offer precision and quality at all times.  

We give shape to your ideas

What is the conceptual design of industrial products?

Conceptual design allows us to manufacture much more optimal and precise products. In other words, it is a technique that helps to design, improve, modify and correct the products to be manufactured. Undoubtedly, a very necessary step when manufacturing any type of product.  

Through conceptual design we can establish manufacturing limits for the product itself, define the aesthetics, shape and functionality. It also allows us to investigate market needs, identify possible manufacturing problems in time and know the limitations, as well as compliance with regulations. 

Qué es el diseño conceptual
diseño conceptual de producto

Why should you choose conceptual design?

In general terms, conceptual design facilitates the manufacturing of precise and very detailed products, which allows us to find new applications, correct errors, generate new ideas related to the product, find possible solutions, and so on.  

In short, conceptual design allows us to make manufacturing and industrial development processes profitable and optimised. It also makes it possible to analyse the needs and requirements of a product to be manufactured in order to solve possible problems. 

In this stage of development and manufacturing, it is interesting to determine the materials to be used, the manufacturing time in each process, the type of finishes to be carried out, …  

If successful conceptual design work is carried out, product manufacturing will be much more efficient. In this way, all possible drawbacks are taken into account from the beginning and feasible solutions are considered. 

Differences between conceptual design and product design

At Atienza & Climent we take care of both processes when developing and manufacturing any type of product. It is true that they go hand in hand, however, the conceptual design is necessary to guarantee a correct product design and its subsequent manufacturing.  

As for the difference between the two processes, conceptual design is the stage that lays the foundations to be taken into account in the future development and all the stages to be followed. It is also the most creative part as it allows new solutions to be found.  

Are you looking for a company specialised in conceptual design for industrial manufacturing? At Atienza & Climent we care for all the needs of your project.