3D printing is one of the most widely used techniques nowadays in product development and manufacturing companies. Therefore, at Atienza & Climent we offer this system as part of the product development process 

We print digital prototypes for mass production

3D Printing services in industrial production

This process allows the creation and materialisation of digital prototypes for subsequent mass production in an effective, efficient and optimal way. In addition, high quality prototypes are obtained quickly and at a reduced cost. 

This service is also essential for correcting, improving and verifying all the details object. In this way, all features can be analysed and evaluated on a functional, practical and aesthetic level. 

If you are looking for a company specialised in product development that also uses 3D printing, we are your solution. We offer a comprehensive manufacturing process.  

We take care of everything from the development of an initial idea, to conceptual design, prototyping, 3D printing, mould manufacturing, mass production, decoration, assembly, storage and distribution. 

fabricación de prototipos
prototipaqdo rapido industrial

What is 3D printing

Industrial 3D printing is a technique that makes it possible to print objects in three dimensions using 3D printers. It is mainly used in the industrial production of parts, components and complete products, as it allows them to be produced completely customised, quickly and accurately. 

This technique makes it possible to produce parts that meet exact design specifications and the most specific needs, which can help to increase the precision and quality of the final product. 

Why use a 3D printing system when manufacturing products?

Industrial 3D printing technology also allows manufacturers to analyse parts quickly and cost-effectively. This can help reduce production times and costs, thus improving the company’s competitiveness in the market.  

Among other industrial production techniques, 3D printing offers many more advantages. For example: 

  • Manufacture customised, high-precision parts. This can help meet the specific needs of customers and consumers. 
  • It allows parts and products to be produced with advanced, high-quality materials. This can improve the properties and performance of each printed object. 
  • It makes it possible to speed up the testing and correction phase, allowing each object and each part to be printed as many times as necessary. 

Tell us your project ideas and we will help you to materialise them and make them a reality. 3D printing for industrial products and mass production is one of the services we offer at Atienza & Climent. 

We make your ideas come true!