Our 3D rapid prototyping services make our clients’ ideas tangible.

We prototype visible designs to be seen, touched, tested and experienced. This allows us to build items that truly meet the needs for which they were created for.

3D design and prototyping

Once we have worked on the industrial product design, we move on to the rapid prototyping step which is the first physical object resulting from the initial idea.

This technique allows samples to be made before producing and manufacturing the final product. This is a visible way of detecting any possible adjustment and betterment, as well as correcting errors, adding functions, ensuring the safety of the product for its targeted audience and so on.

At Atienza & Climent we use the latest software and technology programmes to build the ideas before 3D printing them. In addition, we also have a skilled team of expert engineers who participate in the entire product design process and makes the 3D prototype.

Why prototype product designs in 3D?

By printing a part of the product, it is possible to detect possible improvements, errors and problems to be solved before mass producing the product. 

It saves time and costs by validating the shape, weight, measurements, and functionality of the product. Furthermore, it avoids possible complications in mass production. In a nutshell, it can be modified, adjusted, and fixed as much as it is to.

Manufacturing promotional products, fascicles items, modular shelving, toys, board games for the general public and many other products safely and functionally. 3D rapid prototyping allows you to manufacture in a safe and secure way. 

We take care of it.

Nuestras máquinas de prototipado rápido 3D
Realizamos el prototipado rápido en 3D

This method makes it possible to test the physical product before investing in a mould or a high-cost production run. In other words, it tests its functionality, practicality, and aesthetics before manufacturing it. 

> Check the aesthetics and ergonomics of the object before manufacturing it

> Analyses the geometrical aspects such as the shape or measurements of the product

> Verifies the performance and usefulness of the article

>Tests the potential product-customer relationship before mass production

3D Rapid Prototyping Methods that we use

We use precise techniques to achieve prototypes that are exactly the same as the final production. Therefore, saving time, unforeseen events, possible complications and providing the greatest security.

You can create efficiently and practically

We use different techniques to carry out 3D prototype printing. Depending on the shape and the technical and specific needs of the product to be produced, we obtain different types of prototypes.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of 3D printing techniques available, so depending on the sector or the objective to be achieved with the product, a different type of printing technique is used.

Rapid prototyping with 3D printing

In our case, this is one of the techniques we use the most for printing prototypes. It offers us totally quality finished products. For this, we have high-tech 3D printers. 

We offer specific advice for each client, their needs, and their product, to carry out this rapid prototyping technique.

Sectors in which we apply 3D rapid prototyping

Atienza & Climent works in all sectors, we listen to the needs of all types of customers. Above all, we are specialized in the collectible sector, promotional products, gadgets, articles by fascicles, toys, board games, hospital material, and many more.

Tell us about your project, we make it happen.

As a manufacturer of promotional and editorial products, we use 3D printing techniques.

This prototyping technique enables efficient and practical 3D printing. It is therefore possible to create unique, customized shapes, reduce costs, make changes without major problems, reduce waste, test in short production runs and work quickly and efficiently.