Política de Calidad

The Quality Policy of Modelos Atienza y Climent, S.L.U., is contained in this document and is available to interested parties who request it: conceiving quality as the coexistence compatible with the Mission; Vision and Values of our organisation, considering the risk factors of the business, “costs and deadlines”, as a fundamental axis when planning the strategies of our company: 

  • Modelos Atienza y Climent, S.L.U., is committed to maintaining an up-to-date quality system to demonstrate its capacity to satisfy the requirements of our most important asset, our employees and our customers.
  • Modelos Atienza y Climent, S.L.U., is committed to providing the system, according to the demands of each moment, with an organised structure, with the necessary resources, suitable for carrying out its commitment to quality.
  • Modelos Atienza y Climent, S.L.U., is committed, through the identification of objectives and the achievement of its goals, to remain on the path of continuous improvement, in order to improve productivity, stimulate creativity, initiative and the sense of responsibility of our employees. 
  • Modelos Atienza y Climent, S.L.U., is committed to identifying the needs and requirements of the interested parties, including the legal and regulatory requirements that apply, transferring them to our organisation in the form of requirements; defined, known and accepted by everyone. 
  • Modelos Atienza y Climent, S.L.U., is committed to and invites the commitment of each and every one of the people who belong to the organisation, and its suppliers; to collaborate with honesty in the achievement of the plans in terms of quality.
  • Modelos Atienza y Climent, S.L.U., has assigned a representative in charge of quality “Quality Manager”, who oversees the serious fulfilment of the aspects detailed above.


  • MISSION: “Design, development and production of products based on plastics and other materials for the following sectors: collectibles, toys, healthcare (furniture and accessories), sports and electrical. “
  • Modelos Atienza y Climent, S.L.U., has been at the disposal of any business initiative that requests our services, making available to our clients our know-how in the design and development of products mainly in thermoplastic materials.
  • VISION: “To consolidate our position as a supplier of “Conceptual Ideas” transformed into products to the full satisfaction of our clients and end consumers.
  • VALUES: “The intangible asset of the organisation is the enthusiasm, eagerness to “Create”, quickly and with control, difficult to measure, a necessary engine to achieve our mission; with enthusiasm and dynamism, experience and knowledge, ethics and professionalism, and innovation and continuous improvement; all focused on the customer”.
  • Modelos Atienza y Climent, S.L.U., is made up of a human group; with experience, training, professionalism, deontological behaviour, motivated and integrated in the company’s project as a competitive team. “Modelos Atienza Team”.

            Director                                                  07/21