At Atienza & Climent we manufacture quality Zamak moulds. We take care of the mechanical features, thermal resistance and innovation throughout the process in order to deliver efficient products in a short time.

We have a specialized team to develop customized zamak injection moulds adapted to each project

Our Zamak moulds

Process used in the manufacturing of Zamak moulds

When manufacturing a Zamak mould for specific and customized products, we analyze the different parameters that directly influence the functionality of the mould.
We study the thermal resistance, the flexibility required in each piece, the exact diameters and measurements, the alloys to be used, the way the pieces are extracted and so on. In addition, we take rigorous safety care and technical information in order to build quality zamak pieces.

We work on the zamak injection moulds ourselves therefore, we are able to offer efficient working time, greater safety in the manufacturing process and a high quality of each part.

Choosing zamak material in series production means manufacturing at more affordable prices, obtaining resistant parts, producing high precision and stability and so forth. In short, opting for moulds made from this material means saving time, reducing costs, better finishing on each part, manufacturing all types of sizes, producing in a short time and being able to carry out all types of treatment on the pieces (painting, cutting, etc.).

Zamak mould types

Manufacturing this type of industrial mould is very common for the production of everyday products. For example, zamak moulds are used for parts of all kinds of articles with complex contours.

Experts in Zamak moulds

At Atienza & Climent we design, manufacture, and produce different Zamak moulds to carry out all kinds of projects. We listen to our customers’ needs and develop the different processes.

We manufacture customized zamak injection moulds at a short delivery time and quality finishing. The moulds obtained allow us to mass-produce all kinds of products.

Do you need to manufacture a zamak mould to make your products? We manufacture our own products as well as products made by our customers externally.

Contact us for a quotation and advice on the design and manufacture of zamak injection moulds.