We manufacture moulds that guarantee mass production of industrial products, promotional items,  hospital equipment, toys, board games, … 

You come up with an idea, we manufacture the mould to develop it, industrialize it or make it become a reality.

We provide precision, efficiency and cost-effectiveness with every mould

Types of moulds that we manufacture at Atienza & Climent

Injection moulds

Detalle de moldes de soplado

Zamak moulds

Detalle para la fabricación de moldes

Blow moulds

Detalle de moldes de inyección de Atienza y Climent


The process we use in mould design and manufacture

The process we use in mould design and manufacture H2

At Atienza & Climent we are specialists in the design and manufacturing of industrial moulds. We develop both moulds to make parts for our own products and moulds on request from third parties. 

Moreover, we have the required and essential machinery to manufacture them. We not only develop the moulds for the parts we manufacture. We also offer this service to companies that do not have this part of the process, to carry out their own manufacturing.

When building this type of mould with a certain shape, it is always designed with the most suitable technology to guarantee the greatest possible optimization in the manufacturing process. In this way, we guarantee that the manufacturing and construction is correct and complies in detail with the necessary measurements. 

The steels used in the manufacturing of the moulds are of the highest quality, offering efficiency and precision.

Fabricación moldeo en Ibi

Design approval

This step is undoubtedly the most essential. Why? If the mould design is incorrect, the rest of the steps will also be incorrect. To make the mould, we take into account the prototyping and product design done previously. 

We have to be 100% sure that the design is correct and meets all the requirements of the product.

Mould design

The manufacture of the industrial mould for each part involves an exhaustive analysis to ensure the success of its development. In other words, it is necessary to consider the capacity of the injection moulding machine to be used, the number of cavities the mould will have, the pressure at which it will be manufactured, the temperature it will reach, the shape and geometry of the part and so on.


This part of the project is essential for greater agility when it comes to industrializing projects.

In this type of process, CAD/CAM software and programming are used. This technology makes it possible to manufacture with precision, use highly innovative tools, complex geometric shapes, less polishing afterwards and so forth.


EDM process is used for the manufacture of moulds. 

It allows zero tolerances, highly efficient moulds and very cost-effective manufacturing processes.

Final mould finishing

Once the mould is almost ready, it is polished with the required tools. The mould surface can be adjusted, cooled and polished to the exact desired shape.

Mould test

We carry out real tests to check that the moulds work and that the parts obtained are of high quality, correctly manufactured and meet the expectations and needs of our customers. 

In fact, in the case of products by fascicles, the items are assembled to ensure that the final product is completely successful as a whole.

Experts in mould manufacturing

Atienza & Climent has the latest tools and technologies to manufacture all types of moulds. 

In addition, our team is trained to develop this type of industrial technology in detail, offering customized and efficient advice. We offer assistance in the start-up, maintenance, repairs, advice, optimization, testing, cost analysis of the manufacture of a mould for series production.

We cover the complete process of manufacturing parts with injection moulding machines, meeting the needs of flexibility and speed required.