Wood Cutting and CNC

At Atienza & Climent, as a company specialised in product development, we offer finishing services to achieve finished products ready for distribution. One of these additional processes is wood cutting and CNC.

We offer quality finishes.

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We offer quality finishes

What are CNC and wood cutting?

These are two essential processes in the manufacture of all types of products made from wood. It is possible to create pieces with a professional and aesthetic finish through both techniques.

Therefore, as a company that creates and manufactures products such as toys, board games or collector’s items, among many others, we offer the service of handling and cutting wood with the aim of providing finished and quality products to our customers.

What is wood cutting?

The wood cutting process consists of cutting the wood into specific pieces and shapes, taking into account the previous product design and development. This is done with specialised wood cutting machinery to achieve greater cutting precision and to make the most of the raw material

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What is CNC?

CNC woodworking, also known as CNC wood machining, is a process in which a computer-controlled machine is used to cut and drill wood. This process allows us to create customised wooden parts with extremely high precision and a quality finish.

In our case, we use this method for the manufacture of parts for products such as collectibles, promotional items or detachable toys.

Advantages of wood cutting and CNC

Although wood cutting and CNC are similar processes, there are some key differences between them


  • it allows the creation of wooden pieces with extremely high precision, resulting in a high-quality end product.


  • they are very efficient processes, which means that many pieces can be produced in a short period of time.


  • By using computer-controlled machines to cut and drill wood, risks to workers are reduced, resulting in a safer working environment.


Differences between wood cutting and CNC

Although wood cutting and CNC are similar processes, there are some key differences between them.

  • Control. CNC wood cutting is controlled by a computer, whereas cutting can be done either manually or by machine. This means that CNC provides greater accuracy and repeatability than hand cutting.
  • Capacity. CNC woodworking machines are typically larger and more powerful than manual saws, allowing them to handle larger and thicker pieces of wood.

However, not all woods are suitable for both types of cutting, so depending on the needs of the workpiece or product, density and thickness, we use one process or the other. Other factors that influence the choice of one process or the other are hardness, grain, stability and price.

What do we take into account when cutting and CNC?

As specialists in the field of the toy sector, gadgets, promotional items and hospital equipment, among others, we take into account different aspects in order to achieve quality and productivity in all parts.


  • We adjust as much as possible to the design, measurements and dimensions of the previously analysed piece in order to achieve precision and the best possible result in the cutting of the wooden piece.

Quality tools and equipment

  • We have all types of quality wood cutting machines and the latest technology. In addition, we have a team specialised in this type of process to provide greater supervision.


  • In addition to knowledge and production capacity, our team is trained to maintain and care for the machinery and tools on a regular basis. In this way, the pieces and products we cut from wood are optimal.

Both processes are therefore essential for manufacturing products from wood. It is one of the most commonly used raw materials for board games or collectible products.

We offer both services as part of the production chain in industrial product development. Therefore, Atienza & Climent offers a wide range of industrial processes and a high quality product.