At Atienza & Climent we develop and manufacture hospital material, promotional items, collector’s items and toys in series. We take care of everything from the first stage of development to distribution

We give a perfect finish to all the products we manufacture.

Finishing services that we offer

Therefore, the finish step is one of the stages that we offer in our manufacturing and industrial development process. Once we develop, design and manufacture the product, we decorate and finish it to achieve the desired look. 

We have different industrial finishing services: pad printing, airbrushing, screen printing, hand-painting, robot painting and large format UV digital printing, with the aim of offering a completely customised job. 


Decoration can be used to change the appearance of a product, i.e. once the parts are manufactured, they have to be polished, decorated, assembled (if necessary), treatedAll these tasks are also taken care of by our specialised team. 


In this process, we work on the packaging, packing and protection of the product in order to be able to send it in an optimal and safe way. In addition, it is also important to take care of the aesthetics and packaging, whether it is a box or any other container. In this way, the product is presented in an attractive way. 

Advantages of our product finishing chain

We take care of the final touch and all the details of each product we manufacture in order to achieve the best final look and ensure its performance and durability. We take care of everything from painting, decoration, packaging, labeling, assembly and so on.  

In product development, it is important to take into account the type of finish and final appearance that the product will have in order to plan and organise the necessary tasks in each case. In this way, possible design and production problems can be avoided. 

In addition, considering finishes in advance saves time and money in the long run, as design adjustments and corrections can be made before the product moves into the production process. 

Finishes are an important part of the development of any product, as they are part of its look, durability and usability. Above all, they are a differentiating element and can contribute to the brand identity of a product. 

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