At Atienza & Climent we offer foam cutting and die-cutting services as an additional process in the development and manufacture of products 

We die-cut foam pieces as required.

What is foam cutting and die-cutting?

Die-cutting and cutting foam are two of the processes we use at Atienza & Climent with the aim of achieving quality finishes. Thanks to the versatility offered by the foam, we can apply these two techniques to achieve perfect finishes. 

Therefore, we make technical foam die-cut pieces to protect products in their packaging or to laminate or glue with other materials in order to create finished products. 

In addition, we have high-precision cutting and die-cutting machinery. All the tools we use are prepared to produce foam parts of different densities, thicknesses and shapes. 

We cut and die-cut the foam according to the customer’s requirements. 

Corte y troquelado espuma
corte troquelado de espuma

What is foam cutting customised?

Foam cutting consists of cutting the foam into different shapes and sizes according to the specifications of the item, final product or packaging. To perform this type of cutting we have specific tools and precise blades. 

What is foam die-cutting?

Foam die-cutting is a process that involves cutting and shaping foam using a die. This technique is used to create specific parts with extremely high precision and a very accurate finish. 

What are the advantages of foam cutting and die-cutting?

When developing and manufacturing products, we highlight the following advantages: 

  • Versatility: Foam can be cut into a wide variety of shapes and sizes. 
  • Precision: foam cutting and die-cutting allows for extremely high precision, which is ideal for projects that require a specific shape. 
  • Easy to work with: Foam is a malleable material that allows for very specific shapes.  
  • Very durable: this material offers high strength and durability. 

Depending on the type of cut or part we want to achieve, we use one technique or another. Therefore some of the factors we take into account when choosing the type of cut are size, shape, production quantity, budget or precision.  

Foam die-cutting or foam cutting allows us to offer a much more complete and appropriate service in industrial product development. 

Advantages of the foam cutting and die cutting service

When offering this foam cutting and die-cutting service, choosing the  best tool for the job is key. For this reason, at Atienza & Climent we carry out a preliminary study and analyse in advance what type of techniques we use in each case.  

In this way, we guarantee safe, effective, profitable and precise cuts for all types of parts or products.  By using the proper technique and the right foam, you can create accurate and durable technical foam parts with a smooth and aesthetic finish. 

This type of material is essential to protect products in packaging or, in cases where it is necessary, to complement the manufacture and assembly of the final product. Foam die-cutting and cutting is an economical and effective solution.  

This is one of the additional services we offer as part of the product development and manufacturing process. 

Custom foam cutting service

At Atienza & Climent, in addition to the die-cutting and foam cutting service at industrial level, we also offer a personalised foam cutting service for individuals. We have foams of different densities: 15, 20, 25 and 30. In this way, we can cut it with different densities and shapes. And, above all, for different uses.   

These are some of the formats in which we can cut foam: in sheets, for cushions or sofas, for mattresses, in cylindrical format, etcetera.   

If you need more information about cutting or die-cutting foam or you are interested in knowing what kind of shape we can cut through this service, please contact us. Our entire team is at your disposal to give you all the details.