Atienza & Climent also manufactures blow moulded plastic products. 

This method also uses plastic as a raw material to give the object a hollow shape. Many of the objects around us are manufactured with this type of industrial blow moulding technique.

What is the blowing process?

The blow moulding technique is an industrial process used to mass-produce parts from polymers. It is based on expanding the material towards the walls of the mould in order to leave the object hollow. The blow moulding machine exerts pressure so that the liquid material remains on the walls forming an outline. 

Atienza & Climent is an expert in the manufacture of promotional gadgets or editorial articles, and we work with different thicknesses and tolerances on the walls of the objects manufactured by blow moulding.

Process that we use in the blow moulding process

In general, this blow moulding process for toys and promotional items consists of different stages. In our facilities we have the necessary equipment to manufacture fully finished products.


At Atienza & Climent we carry out an initial analysis to get to know the project and the objectives to be achieved with the requested product.


From there, we calculate and define the resistance and thickness of the pieces. We design and develop the mould and the necessary tools to manufacture it.


The polymers are melted to be extruded into a tube, injected into the blow moulding machine to obtain the preform of the mould.


Air is then injected to expand the material into the shape of the final object. 


. Finally, the part is cooled and ejected. 


Afterwards, our specialized work team checks the pieces and continues with the assembly process, decoration, finishing, picking, storage and any other process required for the manufacturing of the article.

Advantages of manufacturing with us

Our industrial blow moulding process allows us to manufacture all kinds of objects and produce a wide variety of articles. It also allows us to work in large series production runs. 

In addition, we can manufacture in a mechanized and automatic way to produce items quickly and efficiently. This type of blow moulding allows us to recreate moulds with complex geometries and shapes. 

We also manufacture very strong, high quality parts, thanks to our high-tech machinery and tooling. 

Our team simply supervises and ensures that they meet the quality and safety requirements and then continues with the finishing and decoration process if necessary.