At Atienza & Climent we transform ideas into great projects. To achieve this, we work on the industrial design of products by using innovative tools and the latest technology programmes.

Do you have any idea or would you like to convert a concept into something? In this first stage, we design the product to get a first image of it.

We turn your idea into tangible reality

Product design we have produced

Product design and development process that we use

Industrial product design is one of the starting points in the development of any product. In this step we shape, conceptualise and perfect any item to be developed.

If you want to carry out a project of a promotional item, a fascicle product, a gadget or any other type of product, through our management and complete industrial design process, we help you to save time, costs and unforeseen problems.

Creación de diseño de producto
Elección de colores en el proceso de diseño y desarrollo de producto

We take care of everything, from planning to managing the development to ensure the success of the project.

From scracth to product and distribution. We understand how each part of the process works therefore we take care of and monitor each of the phases.

We have all the necessary tools to make a conceptual design as detailed as possible. To do this, we work as a team and to create customised projects. We analyse the technical, aesthetic and functional needs of a product and design it.

Product planning

This is undoubtedly the most important part to express an idea. Our design team knows the client’s needs in order to design what the client wants.

All the processes to be carried out in the development of a product or collection are organised step by step. We take into account what the project is about, what its objectives are, what kind of services it will requiere and we set deadlines to provide solutions to the challenges posed by our clients.

Technical specifications

Having clarified the idea together with the conceptualisation of the product, we move on to the phase of defining the technical characteristics. At this point, the specific functions that the article itself will perform are defined.

The measurements, the materials to be used, the processes and the appearance  are established, taking into account all that it is requiered to achieve it. In order to visualise it and see a real example, the industrial design or prototype is made either on hard or soft copy. 

This step can also be used to improve products that have already been designed and created. In other words, a product already created can always be redesigned.

Prototyping phase

From this point, we move on to prototyping in order to have a tangible and real creation of the idea. For this purpose, we have the latest technology equipment and expert industrial engineers.


When the idea and design of new industrial products is approved, what is the next step? The 3D prototyping part begins in order to be able to experience the product first hand, detect possible improvements and better it. 

Once we have the final product in 3D prototype, we move on to the design and manufacturing of the moulds for mass production.

Turning your idea into reality

As a product design company in Spain with a long history in the market, we work for all types of industries, sectors and businesses, building and manufacturing products that meet the needs of our customers. We are specialists in the publishing field, promotional items, and so on.

We have been designing products for years, devising solutions for all kinds of businesses. Manufacturing industrial products is a fact at our facilities. 

We make viable and worthwhile solutions.

We analyse the product, study its requirements and needs and ensure that it really meets your objectives. Then we analyse costs, production time, possible market integration, competition, impact, and so forth.

We care about the safety, feasibility and functionality of each object we create. In essence, we manage the phases of all the processes, from the beginning to the end.

Muestrario de diferentes piezas de diseño de producto