Atienza & Climent is the manufacturer of many board games and toys in the market. We have been collaborating for years with the development, design and manufacture of this type of product, collaborating with the main companies in the sector.

We are experts in the manufacturing of toys in Spain. We take care of the whole process, from the development of ideas to manufacturing and logistics.

We offer 360º solutions to all our customers.

Toy factory in Ibi

We work together with the leading companies in the toy industry to develop collections of well-known toys. We develop the initial ideas, carry out the review and supervision processes, mass-produce, decorate, package, store and distribute. 

Our toys are 100% manufactured in Spain. We are equipped with the necessary warehouse, machinery and workers to offer this service in a personalized and totally customized way. 

Do you want to develop and manufacture a toy? We take care of everything so that your project becomes a reality. Tell us about your project and we will help you develop customized toys for children or adults. We offer totally customized solutions and our production processes comply with the necessary safety measures. 

We are a firm specialized in integral product development and assembly line manufacturing, in order to offer a personalized and affordable service to all our customers.

We carry out each toy manufacturing project in Ibi confidentially and safely.

Board game factory

As a manufacturer of board games for children and adults, we develop and design them together with the leading and best-known companies in the sector. 

In addition, we manufacture and produce each piece of the board games. We carry out everything from design and prototyping to the production phase of pieces and decoration. We also take care of the logistics, so we offer a comprehensive service.

We help you to develop the main idea, we carry out the whole process including safety and adjustments, together with mass production, decoration, packaging, storage and distribution. In short, we manufacture customized board games.

We add value to each project. Thanks to our comprehensive work, we get involved in each project and advise you on improvements and perfections to achieve quality results.

We develop your customized toys or board games

Do you have any idea in mind to launch a safe and a playful toy? Would you like to commercialize a new board game? We support you throughout the whole process. We are a toy and a board game factory in Spain which has been producing products in this sector for more than 25 years. 

We make each project in an exclusive and confidential way. We develop the whole product from scratch and make all the copies you want to market your board games and toys.

Enjoy greater savings with our 360º service. We support you from the idea to the sale. We take care of everything. We have been manufacturing the most popular toys in the sector for more than two decades. 

Can you tell us your ideas for toys and board games?