At Atienza & Climent we offer a wide variety of production processes and product development. Above all, we are specialised in the manufacturing of collectibles, publishing objects, toys and hospital equipment. 

If you need to manufacture a customized product, develop the corresponding mould for mass production or need finishing, packaging or distribution services, we can help you.  

Customer service, communication, personalisation and care in every project

What is industrial production?

Industrial production is the processes and techniques by which raw materials are transformed into products. This requires workforce, machinery and a combination of different production techniques. Some of them are plastic injection and blown injection.

Undoubtedly, the great characteristic of any industrial manufacturing process is the ability to mass-produce in large quantities. In other words, productivity on a large scale. 

Types of industrial production processes provided by Atienza & Climent

We are a company specialised in industrial manufacturing processes, and we have a manufacturing plant and the latest technology machinery. Therefore, we offer a wide range of manufacturing techniques. 

In this way, we adapt to the specific needs of each customer. We offer production processes based on plastic injection moulding, injection blow moulding or zamak injection moulding.  

Moreover, after years of experience and the optimisation of each part of the process, we make it possible to manufacture quality products in short periods of time and at an affordable price. We manufacture sustainably, efficiently and safely.  

producción industrial de producto
fabricación industrial de producto

Characteristics of our manufacturing and production process

At Atienza & Climent we have been manufacturing and developing all kinds of products for more than 25 years thanks to quality production and manufacturing processes. 

  • Customisation of each order. We can manufacture on demand, taking into account the quantities, times and needs of each project. We attend to each of the customer’s requirements.   
  • Customer service. We offer continuous contact with the customer in order to achieve optimum results that are 100% adapted to the requirements of each case.  
  • Technical specifications. When carrying out any production process, we always take into account all the variables that may affect the product to be developed. 

Why manufacturing and developing products with us

We manufacture and produce on demand, in mass or totally bespoke . Since we offer a fully customised product development service, we adapt to each project. Therefore, by manufacturing the moulds ourselves, we offer the possibility to carry out the production. In other cases, a specific quantity is produced at the customer’s request. Above all, we offer the possibility of mass production in identical quantities.  

For this, we have the most advanced technology in the sector, the latest machinery, specialised and trained workers and, most importantly, many years of experience. We know the needs when it comes to producing and manufacturing a product, so we can optimise each manufacturing process, adjusting the quantities.  

If you are looking for a company specialised in producing and manufacturing in large quantities, we can help you.