We manufacture
your ideas

We are comprehensive product manufacturers
We make collectibles and publishing products
We develop comprehensive product projects

Do you have any idea or are you developing a project from scratch? at Atienza & Climent, as an industrial design and comprehensive development services company, we make your ideas come true. We manufacture all kinds of collectible products, publishing items and much more.

We are specialists in industrial solutions

We have been turning ideas into real projects for over three decades. We are mainly specialized in the collectible sector and promotional articles for magazines, newspapers, periodicals, fascicles and so on.


Our company

manufactures toys and board games for a wide variety of audience.


We produce

articles in fascicles, collector’s items and promotional items.


We manufacture

modular shelving and modular products.


Do you have

any idea and you do not know how to develop a product from scratch? We do it for you!

Comprehensive industrial development services

At our own facilities, we carry out the entire product development and integral design process.


Save time, effort and costs. At Atienza & Climent we take care of everything from product design to distributing to customers.

We manufacture our own products. We carry out the entire process at our facilities in Ibi (Alicante) to guarantee the highest quality product tailored to the customer’s needs. We listen to your project ideas and offer full industrial product development services.

We work in all kinds of sectors: toy, medical, food, motor industry, etc… Above all, we are specialized in the collectible sector and promotional and fascicles items.

Do you have any idea and would like to make it become a reality? Contact us.

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We build your ideas

We are manufacturers of all kinds of products. We listen to your ideas, your projects and we accompany you throughout the entire process.