At Atienza & Climent we have a professional 3D digitalisation service as part of the product development and manufacturing process. Using this technique we create digital models of the parts and objects to be manufactured 

Innovative and technological product development

Industrial 3D product digitalisation service

We are specialised in the creation of products related to the toy sector, hospital equipment, promotional items and collectibles. If you have any other idea or would like to manufacture a specific object, please contact us.  

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What is industrial 3D digitalisation

Industrial 3D digitalisation is used in a wide variety of areas, from mechanical engineering and machine design to the design of electronic and consumer products. This technique makes it possible to create accurate digital models of products. It therefore makes it possible to visualise and evaluate the design of the object before it is produced. 

In addition, industrial 3D digitalisation is also used in reverse engineering, which is the process of analysing an existing physical object and creating a digital model of it for modification or improvement. In this way, improvements and optimisations can be made and even new designs can be created. 

3D scanners and other technologies are used to create accurate and detailed digital models of products. A very practical technique for detecting errors, correcting imperfections and optimising all kinds of objects.  

This system is also used for the creation of files. Afterwards, the parts can be produced on 3D printers. In this way, customised, high-precision parts can be produced quickly and cost-effectively.  

The 3D digitalisation process is a valuable tool in product design and development because of its ability to provide accurate and detailed visualisation. 

digitalización de produtos en 3d
digitalización 3d de productos

What is the purpose of digitalising products in 3D

Tailor-made. This digitalisation system adapts to any type of product, part or object, so it can be fully customised.  

Security. It is a simple, fast and highly technical digital process that provides safe, precise and efficient results.  

Productivity. Digitalising products in 3D facilitates subsequent manufacturing as it reduces costs, reduces production times, helps to adjust the exact manufacturing parameters, generate the necessary documents and procedures.  

Professional 3D product digitization service

We offer services to digitalise 3D products and optimise industrial development. We are specialised in the toy sector, promotional items, collectibles and hospital equipment 

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