As a company specialised in integral product development, at Atienza & Climent we manufacture injection blow moulds for optimal, efficient and profitable mass production.  

The manufacture of injection blow moulds allows us to work with customers from various sectors: from the world of collectibles or the toy industry to other sectors such as hospital equipment or household goods. 

Quality, cost-effectiveness and precision in every mould.

Why manufacture blow moulds with us

Blow moulds make it possible to manufacture and mass-produce hollow plastic parts. This method makes the production of toys, hospital equipment and many other everyday objects much more efficient and cost-effective.  

These injection blow moulds offer fast, efficient, productive and cost-effective series production. In addition, it can be used with different materials, PVC, resins, to get different types of product.  

In general, the manufacturing of blow moulds allows the production of parts of objects in a single piece with thin walls and hollow interior. These parts bring lightness to the composition of final products. 

At Atienza & Climent we have a team of engineers to advise you, in order to obtain the mould with the technical and specific characteristics required. 

Important features in the manufacture of blow moulds

A blow mould is made up of different parts that allow machining, conductivity and start-up. These include the metal part with the cavities, the heating and cooling system and the exhaust system for the ejection of parts.  

All these parts must be taken into account, always analysing the final part, in order to achieve the best possible optimisation, machining and efficiency. Depending on the product to be manufactured, the steel and/or metal to be used for the different parts of the mould must have different technical properties.  

In addition, the different heating, cooling and ejection systems that accompany the mould must also be studied and designed according to these characteristics and properties.  

In our company, we manufacture and develop moulds and we always pay attention to the technical specifications required in each case. We guarantee optimisation, machining, control and safety to manufacture profitable and efficient blow moulds. 

Technical properties and technical specifications

In order to manufacture moulds and dies with the highest possible quality and profitability, we attend to all the specifications and needs of the customer.  

At Atienza y Climent we carry out an exhaustive control of the entire manufacturing process, taking into account the dimension of the final part, the size, the density, the thickness, the quality and the finish.  

We manufacture very precise and optimised blow moulds to ensure the highest possible series production. This technique is mainly used in the toy and collectible sector, as most of them are made from this type of mould. 

Manufacture of custom-made plastic injection moulds

At Atienza & Climent we have the the resources, machinery, materials and equipment necessary to manufacture quality injection blow moulds.  We offer a 360º service from the design of the part, modelling, renderings, mould manufacturing, mass production, finishing, marketing and packaging. 

We accompany our customers throughout the whole process or only in those required by the customer. We work with technical specifications, always guaranteeing efficiency and safety.  Contact us for more information on the manufacture of blow moulds.