Prototypes manufacturing

At Atienza & Climent, we are specialised in product development and we offer rapid prototyping services as part of the manufacturing process. We have a team specialised in this type of techniques, capable of offering precise and fully customised results. 

Using prototypes for efficient manufacturing

Prototyping services for industrial products

Above all, we are experts in the mass production of toys, promotional items, collectibles and hospital equipment. We take care of everything from the conceptual design phase to final distribution.   

We offer a complete and professional service.  

If you have an idea to manufacture or would like to know more, please contact us. We make your projects a reality. 

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What is a prototype?

Prototyping in industry is the process of creating models or mock-ups of a product under development. These prototypes are used to evaluate the product design and to detect errors and make improvements before mass production. 

A prototype is therefore a realistic and detailed image of a product that is produced using various techniques such as 3D modelling, 3D printing and conventional machining.  

In this way, our design team produces accurate and detailed prototypes that are as close as possible to the final product. A scale model is generated based on computer-aided design data. 

This system allows the choice of materials to be justified by taking into account functionality and ease of use. It also helps to take into account the components and parts of the object itself.  

On the other hand, it helps to establish the subsequent manufacturing steps. That is, what type of manufacturing will be used, what decoration services will be needed, and so forth. 

Why use industrial prototypes

Prototyping has several advantages when it comes to production and manufacturing. It is one of the most innovative and fundamental processes in the initial phases of product development.  

  • It facilitates the process of analysing and studying the product in order to detect errors or make improvements before mass production. This can help reduce costs and increase efficiency in the production process. 
  • Functional and performance testing of the product can be carried out prior to manufacturing. This helps to ensure the quality and reliability of the final product. 
  • It allows the product to be shown to customers and consumers in a realistic and attractive way. 
  • It is possible to recreate designs in and parts with different materials. 

If you have an idea or need to manufacture a product, please contact us. We offer advice and personalised support from the first step to create parts and objects from scratch at an industrial level. 

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