3D modeling: a beginner’s guide

3D modeling is a very effective technique used in various industries such as animation, video games, product design, among others.

At Atienza & Climent, as experts in the manufacture of products from three-dimensional modeling, we want to provide you with a very complete guide to optimally understand the use of this technique, along with a recommendation of various programs to make your first sketches of three-dimensional modeling.

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What is 3D modeling

Before starting, it is advisable to know well the concept that we will cover here, as well as the different types of modeling that we can find.

Definition of 3D modeling

3D modeling is a technique used to create a digital representation of an object or an environment using CAD software.

3D creation is present in industries such as video games, architecture, engineering and product design, among others. This tool makes it possible to digitally design scenarios and objects and visualize them in detail, and then produce them with total precision. In this way, it offers precision, optimization of time and resources and greater profitability.

Types of modeling

In addition to 3D modeling, there are different types of modeling. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. Box modeling: we start working from a primitive object, such as a cube or a sphere. Classical modeling tools are used to modify this shape and arrive at the desired object.

Polygonal modeling: it is based on the manipulation of polygons to create three-dimensional shapes. It is similar to box modeling, but in this case it starts without any depth. The model is built piece by piece.

  1. Curve modeling: consists of creating complex surfaces through curves and control points. It is very useful to obtain printable objects by 3D printers.
  2. Digital 3D sculpting: it is probably more similar to traditional modeling. You can sculpt a figure in the same way as if you were doing it with clay. You start from a primitive base object and shape it with a series of brushes. It is really useful for designing characters and living beings, in general.
  3. Boolean modeling: this type of 3D modeling is usually used in conjunction with box modeling. With it, you can cut an object and add others at the intersections.

Benefits of 3D modeling

Creating objects from 3D software offers a number of advantages that allow any industry to design with ease and save on production costs. These are the main benefits:

Creation of realistic virtual objects

3D design allows us to produce very realistic objects and scenarios, with a great number of details in a very fast and effective way. This allows us to have a very accurate visualization before producing the product.

Reduced manufacturing times

Thanks to 3D modeling, manufacturing times are reduced, since, by having a model created with so much detail, the product will be produced having previously reviewed all the errors it could have had.

Cost savings

By being able to pre-create the model on the computer, products can be virtually evaluated and validated prior to production, thus minimizing errors and associated costs.

Creative exploration

These 3D design tools give you a lot of freedom to experiment with various shapes, materials and textures. In this way, you can create much more creative and innovative models.

Some of the 3D modeling applications

These are some of the most interesting applications when it comes to 3D design:

Industrial design

– Autodesk Maya: one of the most recognized programs in the industry is, without a doubt, Maya. It allows high level productions, so much so that it has been recognized with an Oscar. It is a software that allows you to follow all stages of modeling.

– Onshape: this app is very useful for professional users and can be used both on the PC and with its complementary functions on the Smartphone. This web application is cloud-based, allowing you to collaborate in real time with other designers.


– SketchUp: is one of the most popular desktop 3D design applications. It is aimed at professionals and architects. It also has a mobile version called SketchUp Go, with which you can work easily from anywhere you want, and it integrates beautifully with the desktop version.

– AutoCAD: this is one of the best-known programs, especially for drawing plans online. It is full of advanced tools and offers great detail accuracy and fairly simple design creation.

3D design software for beginners

If you are starting to make your first 3D images, we recommend you take a look at these applications:

– 3D Slash: with a very simple user interface, this application is one of the best options for new users who want to experiment in 3D. This software works as if you have building blocks and you have to arrange them in the way you prefer.

– Leopoly: this is another great tool for those who are just starting out. It is a cloud-based 3D modeling software focused on 3D printing and virtual reality. Modeling is done from 3D pixels and vertices from an existing file or from scratch. You will also be able to sculpt and texture in three dimensions.

Start making your first 3D designs

We hope this article has been useful for you and that you will soon be using the programs we have provided to perform 3D modeling with professional results.

Have you already used some of these programs and applications? Do you know any other? At Atienza y Climent we are specialists in industrial product development, so we use 3D modeling software and tools continuously.

This technique allows you to perfect your ideas before manufacturing them!


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